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As I have "Brockley" in the title of my blog, I feel duty bound to direct you all to the Guardian's "Let's all move to South East London" feature ("a pocket of niceness with decent boozers, villagey bits, parks everywhere and good neighbour­liness"). My friends at Brockley Central are boiling over, as their property prices go up. Having said that, living in the southeast corner of what I call Greater Brockley, I was glad to see Ewhurst Rd getting a good airing at Brockley Central.

Meanwhile, Transpontine welcomes some new local bloggers to the fold, and mourns some of our lost friends. (Also some local radical history: Lewisham Communists and Emile Zola in Norwood.)


Anonymous said…
Hi Bob
Something of a shameless plug, but have you come across Green Crofton Park on your travels through the blogosphere yet?
Bob said…
Thanks Sue. I haven't - but I will check it out properly.
And Pissarro in Upper Norwood as well.....

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