Signing off

I'm off for a few weeks, but keep checking in, as I have scheduled some "controversial" old posts.

Here's some reading for while I'm going.

Post of the week: Finding something worth fighting for is harder than finding something to fight against.

Benism: On Roger Scruton on irony and forgiveness. (Possibly an opportunity for Martin to finish some unfinished business? See also Francis.)

Keithism: What drove Melanie Phillips to the right?, Post-democratic Israel?, On denial (click on the link for a pdf), Is Turkey the only villain in this piece?

Also on Israel and Turkey, a very well written piece by the Turkish-American scholar Seyla Benhabib, writing from Tel Aviv. And also on genocide denial: Max Dunbar on Edward Herman. And on a different genocide, the UN's shameful silence on Srebernica.

Martinism: No more burqas, no more bans. (For a pro-ban view, see the Eygptian blogger Mona Eltahway, found via Martin, especially this. For a robust left-wing view, see Coatesy.) And on Blair, Chilcott, Iraq and 7/7:  The baroness and the bombers.

Illiberalism: Pat Buchanan and Neil Clark.

Multiculturalism: The wrong way to celebrate diversity. Kenan Malik and engineered identities.

Rose-ism: David Aaronovitch on Jacqueline Rose on Dreyfus for today.

Fascism: Duncan on the current state of the BNP.

Secularism: In defence of hospital chaplains.


Martin said…
Thanks for recommending so much Martinism, Bob - and have a good break. I'm back and forth myself over the next few weeks, but am intrigued enough by your links to Scruton et al to return to that unfinished business when I get time. Thank you for holding me to a very old promise.