And another couple more

1. Slightly Lost has included me in his list of "Jolly Good Blogs", which is nice. (Makes up for doing so badly in the B4L Awards.)

2. This is a good post from Richard: Michael Gove on punk versus hippy (Question: is Bob from Brockley punk or hippy?) and the meaning of Eltham...

3. Pic above us from Lewisham Kate.

Also, to aviod the proliferation of posts, I've been fleshing out already existing ones, like this one on the anti-Zionist students of Leeds, and now this one on Pinochet, which also reminds me I keep meaning to add a link to Max's blog next time I do my blogroll again.

And one more thing, Cunt of the Week appears to be the most popular outgoing link from my page now, beating the Polish porn site some spammer linked to on one of my comment pages, that I don't bother to remove because it generates hits from presumably baffled Polish porn addicts. What does that say about my readers?


kate said…
hi bob i have a couple of jewish gifs (moving pics) do you want them?
bob said…
I'm intrigued. I guess so!
kate said…
i will put the pictures on my page just save as..
SnoopyTheGoon said…
1. Nothing wrong I can see with the bank of Madonna. I have seen worse banks, many of which RIP.

2. What does it say about your readers? Lotsa young to middle age males thinking about sex. And what else is new?


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