1. Just found these Brockley nature photos at Rob's raw food blog.

2. Two from Slightly Lost: Things to do in Brockley when you're dead and Homophobia on the buses.

3. New brockley blogger: Green councillor Dean Walton. (Found via the ever-non-partisan Andrew.)

ADDED 11 December:

Andrew is starting a kind of local version of Tim Worstall's Britblog line-up.

One blogger I've not come across before cropped up: Dr Lurca. I can't get my head around LiveJournal (otherwise I'd hang out much more at Richard's page). Here's some Sarf London LiveJournal folks I found while trying to find my way around: Sarf Londoners, SE10, Slappers (South London Alternative People), No one likes we don't care, CamberwellArts, Mo ('In the future, when people ask me why I prefer South London to North London, my new stock response will be, "Because in South London, when you're standing at the station waiting for a train, you don't sometimes look down onto the track and see a dead fox."'), and Dr Bob (South Londoner exiled in Scotland).

ADDED 12 December:

And if you read Italian, check London SE4's South London posts.


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