Dershowitz versus Finkelstein

Norman Finkelstein, a man who has made it his mission to give comfort to anti-semites and Holocaust deniers, appears to have commissioned a deeply offensive cartoon by Brazilian cartoonist Carlos Latuff. (Latuff, incidentally, came second in the Iranian Holocaust cartoon competition, with a cartoon that does not deny the Holocaust - unlike the winner - but which suggests that Palestinians are the victims of a contemporary Shoah.) Latuff's cartoon illustrating a Finkelstein article showed Alan Dershowitz jerking off while Israelis kill Lebanese people. This has led to a war of words between Norman and Alan that you can follow at their respective websites.

Now, Dersh has upped the ante, noting that Finkelstein has been on attendence lists of the Iranian holocaust denial conference. His name seems to have dissappeared from the lists, but it wouldn't suprise me if he popped up there. Dershowitz writes:
It is unclear whether Finkelstein actually attended the conference, since the identity of many of the attendees has been kept secret, and the media office at DePaul says it doesn’t know. But Finkelstein certainly fits comfortably into the hate club, since he has allied himself closely with the Holocaust denial movement by trivializing the suffering of its victims and denying that many of them were victims at all. It would be natural for the rulers of Iran to have invited this Jew-hater to their hatefest. I don’t know if they did, or if Finkelstein accepted any such invitation. But the burden is now on him to explain why his name appears in the schedule and to produce all correspondence with the sponsors of the conference. It should make interesting reading.
Hat tip: Jogo


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