The two faces of Grauniad liberalism

Both Timonthy Garton Ash and Jonathan Steele use the Baker-Hamilton report to agree that team Bush has fucked up in Iraq. But contrast the tones and the conclusions. Ash's piece says Baker-Hamilton is wrong to try and get the West out so quickly and abandon the Iraqis to the mess we have helped make. Steele says Baker-Hamilton doesn't extricate us quickly enough. Ash delivers a great peice of writing. Steele oozes smarmy self-righteousness and intellectual dishonesty.

The ZLeft

Talking of Steele, here are two great attacks from But I Am A Liberal on those two bastions of left-liberal visciousness, Huffington Post and Counterpunch (part of what I call the ZLeft, the juvenile Chomskyite left) and its complicity with hardcore anti-semitism.

The end of the neoliberal nirvana or the dawn of the conservative age?

Also from the Guardian, John Harris lays into neo-liberalism. I don't like the brief moment of snidey anti-Americanism, but apart from that, I agree.

This interesting peice from blog Potlatch, "Is this how you became a conservative?", analyses the drift to conservatism of the younger generations. But ends on a hopeful note:
a bright new political dawn around 2020, in which a young fresh-faced child of Thatcher marches down Downing Street in a hoodie, swigging from an alco-pop, and announcing in faux-cockney tones that he's a pretty straight guy who used to be into 50 Cent.
On a more serious note, I liked this piece from the same blog about the market.


I have a longer post up my sleave about this, but for the moment, English Republican argues against identity politics and for an inclusive Englishness, challenging the liberal orthodoxy that the English (read the English working class) are a bunch of racists. And Pub Philosopher takes up the issue, with the CRE's great anti-PC Christmas card, taken to task by humourless bourgeois black nationalists.

By the way, I have decided to not blog at all about the so-called killing of Christmas, especially as Hanukah is more or less upon us. But if you want some of that, go to An Insomniac or The Poor Mouth.

And, going off the subject a bit, here's Courtney on reparations, at Wall of Speech.

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