So, I'm finally getting around to fulfilling my meme task set by Paulie: a list of 10 things you wouldn't do. I don't really believe in saying never, and am sure that now I've commited to these I will find myself doing all of them, and thus jinxing myself into becoming the person I hate.

So, I would never:

1. vote Tory (sorry James)
2. watch another Lord of the Rings related film without getting paid a lot of money
3. read a book about surviving incest, being called "It" or raising an autistic child
4. buy to let
5. switch from The Guardian to The Independent
6. go for a drink with John Gaunt
7. forward an e-mail because it says "if you don't forward this, bad luck will befall you"
8. let the bastards grind me down
9. tell myself I'm only doing my job

I know that's nine not ten, but I ran dry.

So, I'm supposed to tag (ten?) more people, but it's taken me so long to do this that most people in my corner of t' blogosphere have already gone. So, here's some: Richard, Snoopy, Jew 90. I'll try and add some more later today!

Update: quick response from Richard here.


SnoopyTheGoon said…

You shall pay for it, I swear.
Ve have our vays...

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