Sarf Londonism

Andrew has done another Lewisham blog round-up. My personal favourites would be this poem by the Marlboro Poet and Lewishambornlewishambred's in your face variety of South London grime and techno.

And here's one more: A Hangover in SE8, by Samuel J McCready
I hate mobile phones.
You can't walk down deptford high street listening to Leonard Cohen without all the ring modulater style distraction, I had only got as far as "One Pound, You Choose!" before I had to give up and turn the Sisters Of Mercy off. Walking past the Sally Army charity shop I saw it, a big floppy mother-in-law-at-a-registry-office-wedding hat. It would be mine, oh yes, it would be mine. I walked into the shop. This is when the bad thing happened...
And, finally, although Wimbledon is not really my idea of South London, I've recently found Jamie T, post-Mike Skinner bard of London suburbia. You can download MP3s from one of the following blogs: Indietastic, Wolf Notes, Sound Gymnastics (in Spanish - the blog, not the tracks), The Daily Growl, myselfmyself, My Old Kentucky Blog, or Music Like Dirt.


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