Friday, January 18, 2008

The delusion triumphalism of Stop The War

Ian Bone again*, this time on the SWP's braying about the onward march of their front, the Stop the War "Coalition". Here is his version of the list of speakers at the March 15 national demo currently being "built for":
The Grand Mufti of Sofia, Tony Benn, Hillary Benn, Emily Benn, Uncle Benn, Big Benn, Benn Dover, John Rees-Mogg, Token Blackman, Lee Jasper (expenses only), Tommy Sheridan (live video link to Barlinnie), A comedian, Joey Barton (shurely shum mishtake: Ed), Muslim Brotherhood Of Man (courtesy of Butlins Minehead), Walter Wolfgang-of-four, The Ayotollah Galloway, Stop the ‘Wor Kev’, someone on strike………etc etc

*Link fixed, Jan 22


Renegade Eye said...

That is not my ideal list of speakers. Who would you have speak?

bob said...

That's actually the line-up of Stop The War I'd like there to be, so they are fully revealed for the reactionary Popular Frontist time-wasters they are!

But, taking the question seriously, who would I like to see talking about the war in Iraq? How about Fred Halliday, Kanan Makiya, Samir Adil, Nahida Al Ramah, Harry Barnes, Michael J. Totten. Wouldn't attract the crowds though, would it?