Friday, January 18, 2008

More miscellaneous links (all political)

The neocon conspiracy:
  • Alan Johnson and Stephen Pollard on neo-conservatism and "neo-conservatism" (via Noga). There was a very good article by Danny Finkelstein on a similar topic in the JC some time not long ago, but I can't find it on line.
Stoning women in Iran:
French reverence for Lenin:
Obama and Reagan:
Anarchism and the abandonment of common sense:
Fisking the fools:
  • The Fat Man picks up Norm's word "smugism" and runs with it, as it were, all over that liberal twat John Gray
  • Hocemo Li Na Kafu? on why it is time to start Neil Clarke-bashing (by which I mean literally, physically)
A clash of fundamentalisms?
Beauty in ruins
  • All of the posts at Greater Surbiton are of excellent quality, so I am ashamed I haven't linked to very many. Here is one to wet your appetite, on the destruction of Serbia's oldest theatre. [P.S. Second Hand Conjecture has done a really nice introduction to Greater Surbiton.]

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