Friday, January 04, 2008

Sex sells: Pimp my Pali-tuch

Read karlmarxstrasse on the PLO scarves (Pali-tucher) that are highly fashionable in contemporary Germany, and the politics of this fashion. A witty and incisive blog post, and lots of links to click (especially if you read German, which I don't) such as this one (or, if your security settings are too high for that to work, click here, and then click on each image).

Also, a little more here.

(This relates to earlier Anti-German-related posts, and especially the comments thread here.)


Alan Jakšić said...

Just to wish you a happy new year in return! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Another common place to find a kafiya or "palituch" hanging on display is in the Army supply stores in Germany. A real one-stop neo-nazi store.