Friday, January 11, 2008

Last November it was Nick Griffin and David Irving. This month it's Finkelstein, Honderich, Pappe and Karmi

ENGAGE on Tory toffs debating Israel's right to exist.

Bonus links: Solomonia on the debate; Ian Bone's Oxbridge posts; the Independent Working Class Association versus the Oxford Union; Judeosphere on Finkelstein.

All posts about: Nick Griffin/the BNP, David Irving, Norman Finkelstein, Ted Honderich, Ilan Pappe.


Noga said...

"Finkelstein, Honderich, Pappe and Karmi"

The four angry horsemen of the apocalypse.

Roland Dodds said...

Why not dispute the right of North Korea, Syria, and Saudi Arabia’s right to exist?

Ah, I see. It is much easier to pick on the Jews than it is to tackle real totalitarian regimes. The modern left truly makes me sick.

Will said...

The modern Righty really makes me sicker. As they always have.