Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Patricia Troncoso: Urgent call for solidarity!

A worthy cause:
Urgent call for solidarity!

Patricia's situation has become very grave following over 100 days of hunger strike against her illegal detention

Hear her story at YouTube.

This is an urgent international call by Human Rights International Project, Grupo de Ex Presos-Politicos de Chile and Mapuche International, scroll down for further information.

Join the demonstration outside the Chilean Embassy this Wednesday (30 Jan) 12-2pm, 12 Devonshire St, London, W1G 7DS. Nearest Tube: Regents Park/Oxford Circus

Here is a message from piquiteros on Friday (25 Jan)

What you should know
• Patricia Troncoso has been on hunger strike for 110 days
• The Chilean government is milatrising the Araucania Region and has moved in hundreds of anti-terrorist troops, January 2008
• The Chilean government is using the anti-terrorist laws it created as a tool of repression, silencing people like Patricia Troncoso
• Individuals, both of Mapuche and non-Mapuche decent, are being repressed by force for expressing the views mentioned below

What we are demanding
• Respect for Mapuche political prisoners detained for expressing their right to ancestral lands
• Freedom of expression, by the Chilean government, for demands to recuperate ancestral lands
• Respect for ethnic minorities and an end to their discrimination, as stated in International Treaties which the Chilean government is signing up to

Further Action

In addition to coming to the demonstration on Wednesday you can phone the Chilean Embassy and ask about Patricia Troncoso’s health, this could help drive them into action. Chilean Embassy: 44 (0)207 580 6392 / embachile@embachile.co.uk.
Equipo Memoriaviva Proyecto Internacional de Derechos Humanos - Londres (Human Rights International Project - London) www.memoriaviva.com - www.ecomemoria.com

More information: Wikipedia page on Mapuche, Patricia Troncoso's hunger strike, Mapuche Nation website, LA Times article, Radio Netherlands article, UNPO article, WW4 reports.

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