Cheese-eating surrender monkeys

I wrote this post before the news of the terrorist attacks on London, and have doubts about posting it now...

I was planning not to post anything about the 2012 Olympics, as it is a topic on which I have no opinion. But someone e-mailed me this piece of gratuitously offensive hackery and I couldn't resist. Search google for |French military victories| and hit |I'm feeling lucky|.

I have no beef with the French, unlike Jogo, but I do hate Chirac, about whom the only good thing that can be said is that he is better than Le Pen. It really irritated me back in 2003 when previously sensible people spoke of wishing we had Chirac instead of Blair in the driving seat, simply because the corrupt conservative was "anti-war" while Blair was "pro-war". I think this was when I first became concerned about the triumph of liberal ideology over social solidarity and progressive politics in middle class England.


The horrible thought when I heard the Police Commissioner making his pledge to keep the Olympics safe was "hubris". I regret thinking that now.


Casino Avenue says: "Oh yeah - and watch for humble route 108 (Stratford - Bow - the Dome - Greenwich - Lewisham) to be declared the official London Bus of the 2012 London Olympic Games."