London - in defence of the multicultural

Keith Thompson writes:
"Just when you thought multiculturalism had already reached the outer limits of the ridiculous, along comes the L.A. Times to celebrate all the marvelous ways in which the "differences" that characterize the individuals still missing in London mirror the "differences" of London's population: "List of Missing Is as Diverse as London Itself." One reads this article with the faint hope that the writer is attempting satire, but no: We are to use this solemn occasion to further divide democracy into demographic subgroups that reflect the limitless narcissism of multiculturalist activists. At the risk of sounding completely irrelevant, here's a passing suggestion. Suppose we agree to think about the London missing in terms of what they had in common: Good and decent people were going about their lives when brutally assaulted by irredeemable cowards and sadistic criminals. If this is a time to celebrate how we're "different," Let this be the distinction we bear in mind"

I have in this blog been critical of multiculturalism - the liberal ideology of celebrating identities (see here, here and here).

However, there is an important difference between multiculturalism and what we could call the multicultural, the presence of different sorts of people in the same place.

Islamofascism - like American conservatism, but with a murderous vehemence - hates the multicultural.

London is a city that, like New York, exemplifies the pleasures and the problems of the multiculural.

This is surely one reason why London was a target, for the Islamofascists and for fascists like David Copeland.

This is why I think Keith Thompson is wrong.

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Anonymous said…
Much as I dislike Stuart Copeland, former band member with The Police, I wouldn't pin the blame on him for the bombings in Brixton and Soho.

Perhaps you are thinking of David Copeland?
bob said…
What a stupid mistake! I'll change it!

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