London versus the terrorists


Casino Avenue has photographs of the memorial garden at King's Cross. I went there last week, on my way out of London. I found it incredibly moving. The builders and office workers signing the book of remembrance. The messages from local churchs, from Muslim groups, from countries across the world, from the Knesset. The photos of the missing - some of them declared dead since I was there.

Red Ken

From Londonist:

Ken [Livingstone] is right in the middle of things again after his defence of Muslim cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi who is due speak at a conference in Manchester next month and his explanantion that "Western foreign policy in the Middle East" is partially to blame for the attacks.

And it seems the public agree with Ken: A poll, commissioned by the Guardian, found 33 percent of UK adults "think Blair bears 'a lot' of responsibility for the London bombings", while 31 percent says he bears a 'a little’ responsibility.

Jogo says:
Very nice sentiments by Ken Livingstone. But this is the same man who says Likud and Hamas are identical -- in my opinion, that is a morally depraved and empty comparison.
See also Daniels Counter Blog: The Suicide Bombs within Britain's Liberal Elite and BobFromBrockley: Livingstone and the Left.


Ateeque Sharafi - the final victim of 7/7 [via Harry's Place: London Story]

Hassan the bus driver
Siris: Three Algerines in 18th-Century London
Roger Hewitt: 'It is in the communities that these battles are won or lost' ( a very good article)
Transpontine: After the silence, On the buses

Other Links:
Ian McEwan: 'We're Witnessing a Civil War in Islam'

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