Galloway - apologist for terrorists and anti-semites?

Michael Gove "That's anti-Semitic" in The Times:
LISTENING to Any Questions the other day, I was intrigued to hear one of the panellists refer to a fascinating website run by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), an organisation that translates news reports and speeches from the Arab world. MEMRI has provided a valuable insight into developments in Arab politics and religion, including illuminating translations of sermons, whose reliability no one has seriously contested.

But on Friday night’s show George Galloway kept interrupting his fellow-panellist to point out that people working for MEMRI were Israelis. A section of the audience laughed and applauded, as though this exposed MEMRI’s work as unworthy of further attention.

There is a word for the belief that you should judge something more harshly when you discover that it is produced by Jewish people. It’s simple anti-Semitism. I’m sure George will want to denounce it the next time he hears it."
Clive Davis doesn't think this is anti-semitic
Eric Lee exposes Respect schizophrenia (via Engage)

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