Feel the power! (Now with even more power)

I haven't checked my Wikio rating since July, when I was the 160th most influential UK blogger, above Johan Hari. (Well, I guess he's not exactly a blogger is he.) Well, even though I feel my blogging has declined rather in the last month or two, I am now at no.87, one point ahead of my friend Neil Clark, eight points ahead of Derek Wall, ahead of Peter Hitchens and the Guardian's theatre blog, ahead, even, of Pub Philosopher and Craig Murray (whose top post right now is called "The Balding Butt Plug", which probably explains that). There is clearly no standard of measuring influence more scientific and objective than Wikio's.*

Incidentally, thanks to Ms Flesh is Grass for pointing this out to me. Her e-mail told me I am ahead of Harry's Place, which isn't true, but she sent her e-mail as November was just being born, so maybe I fared even better last month.

*Of course, linking to all of these people now I am probably boosting their wikio ratings so they pull ahead of me. That's the kind of selfless blogger I am.


Anonymous said…
I thought it was surprising too - but it was late so maybe I misread. Mind you, HP has a humungus +76 next to it (what time period does this refer to - do we know?)

Although there's bound to be some volatility (although whenever I look Norm is at #11) it shouldn't flip with each calendar month - should it? I thought they used the last 120 days' worth of links to compile the rankings.
ModernityBlog said…
Bob, you are far too modest

forget the heights of academia, journalism calls, in 6 months you could be writing leaders for the Guardian or on Cif, that's just the start, running a think tank would be next....


Anonymous said…
Hi Fleshisgrass, we have made a number of changes to our algorithm. We now counts links from the previous ten months, with the weighting such that the more recently the link was published, the more it is worth (the links actually have a half-life of 2 months to be more specific).

We now also count links to homepages that appear in posts as well as links to other posts (we used to only count post-to-post links). If you factor in the general spring clean we had the month before last, that should go some way to explain the leaps.

Essentially we would like to think we now have an improved set of rankings, so if your blog has moved up then great because we feel even more confident that means your blog should be lauded for having done so.

There's some more info on the changes to the algorithm on our blog:

(Hope you don't mind the link, Bob)


Wikio UK
Anonymous said…
I agree, Mod. He is very good.
Anonymous said…
Thank you Dan, that clears a lot up (I think the 'How are these rankings compiled' section at the bottom of http://www.wikio.co.uk/blogs/top needs updating but you're probably onto that). I'm very happy with breaking into the top 300.

Can I bother you with 2 more questions though - what timescale do the plus and minus numbers on the ranking refer to? To put it another way, Harry's Place is up 76 from when? And why are there sometimes no numbers, just arrows?
The Plump said…
Damn peevish that mine hs dropped like a stone - get linking Bob!

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