November 11th

Paul Stott writes:

At last years Bash the Rich march in Notting Hill, I think Ian Bone and I were probably the only people wearing Poppies.

I can't see anything wrong with supporting ex-servicemen's charities, so make no apologies for mentioning this years Poppy Appeal.

Earlier this year Ian got a very mixed response when he argued in favour of the old fashioned red poppy on his blog. When you think of some of the shit people on the left and in the Anarchist movement support - from the Al- Sadr Brigade to Hezbollah or even the Unabomber - wearing a poppy is hardly a crime.

Just do it.
Also: Flesh is Grass 1 & 2

And one more: Barnsdale CW.


Anonymous said…
Love Stotty though I do, who in the anarchist movement is currently supporting Hezbollah? AF are incredibly anti nationalists, far more then CW. And I could be wrong, but I can't see it being SolFed's style.

Obviously, he has a point on the Unabomber. But that was basically Green Anarchist from what I recall. So they'd probably drilled holes in their head or whatever their current obsession was. Silly beardy weirdies.

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