Monday morning links

Just four for the moment. Maybe more later

Transpontine says: Cherish your local
On the rough pleasures of the pub

Setting the Woods on Fire: One last post
One of my favourite music bloggers is killed by the corporate proprietorial juggernaut

Someday I'l treat you good: A break
One of my favourite local local bloggers signs out, for the moment

David Hirsh on the Israelis = Nazis meme
Thanks to Toby E for the shout in the comments!

More links from ED Kain, mainly in the aftermath of the Obama victory.


I have not been able to log into Engage for almost three months now. Don't know why. I get a message suggesting the site ins infected with a virus or something.
bob said…
That's weird. I find it glitchy, but not like that. I'll tell them
Anonymous said…
Hello Noga, sorry about that! We are planning a move but it hasn't been a priority (messages like this make me think it should be). Can you tell me the exact alert message? Are you able to access it from other machines? If so I wonder if this is something to do with your anti-virus software and if so might there be away to lift the block?

To the best of my knowledge Engage isn't infected - but it does do some strange things sometimes.
I can access it from my husband's laptop. I think it does have to do with my anti-Virus software but I have been urged not to try to circumvent it. My computer has been viciously assaulted three times before.

There was one time during the last three months that I managed to get through to Engage but it only lasted for an hour, and then the ban was back on!

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