Fascism watch: Italy

Marko AH sent me an appeal from Italian activists fighting the ad personam laws proposed by the Berlusconi government in Italy. Basically, the government wants to make its leading members immune from prosecution. (The context being the on-going investigations into Silvio Berlusconi for corruption, bribery and attempts to pervert the course of justice.) The proposed law puts the executive above the law, and is another step by this heinous government towards fascism.

To sign the petition, click here. I notice my comrades Big Norm and Shalom Lappin among the early signatories.

UPDATE: More on Italy's disturbing blend of apathy, racism and authoritarianism (via Claude in the bulging comments box here.)

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Martin Meenagh said…
I just signed that--thanks for putting the link up. I have good friends in Italy and very warm memories of it (though little time for the Italian left). I just wish it wasn't led by such a foolish man.

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