Early weekending

Bobby Espinosa, king of East LA Chicana soul, has passed away. Here he is, live in 1973, courtesy of Don Palabraz:

This week I read the Statement by the International Coalition of Women Human Rights Defenders in support of Gita Sahgal, and the Whitechapel Anarchist Group on the Despatches revalations on Islamist entrism in Tower Hamlets Labour Party.

Talking of anarchism, why not take advantage of AK Press' 50% off offer in March to buy Paul Avrich's Anarchist Voices, Rudolf Rocker's London Years and James Horrox's Living Revolution?

Below the fold, my recent comment trail, probably more for my reference than yours.

Fighting Fascism Both Outside and Within Parliament - Michael Barker, a UAF type, on the EDL and the Wilders fans, at Louis P, throwing the terms "fascism" and "Zionism" wirth gay abandon.

In reply to Juan Cole - Mina Khanlarzadeh, also at Louis P, with a misplaced admonition to Cole on Ahmedinejad's antisemitism.

Nation and Nationalism in Orwell - I continue my defence of Orwell against Dave Semple.

Jewish student groups: the 1985 banning campaign - a very fair account by Dave Osler, and, in the comments, Skidmarx exemplifies everything that is wrong with some parts of the left in his refusal to condemn Jew-hater Jenny Tonge.

Merry Carrots Mr Lawrence - Green Crofton Park on 9 carrots. How about a Brockley Pound?

Against Liberal Imperialist 'Marxism' - Is Histomatist using Anton Pannekoek against Hitchens legitimately?

Donate To John Mann’s Campaign - as Alan the Harryist says, he's good on antisemitism, but I say he's bad on immigration. (My two comments are way, way down.)


Dave Semple said…
Hey Bob - as always thank you for the link. I've actually dropped in a brief response since last you were over.