Gnome Chomsky 4: Have you met my gnome?

From Headphonerecord:

Have you met my Gnome, Chomsky?
Have you met my Gnome, Chomsky?
Photo by Steve Palopoli
By the way, I realise I have not yet linked to Michael Ezra's  first, second and third posts on Chomsky and Cambodia, or at least not to the later ones.

(Check back the 1st of April for another gnome.)


Rock said…
Hello Bob... Let's exchange link. your link is already there in my blog. Linkback please...

Text Link : ROCK

Judeosphere said…
Hmmm....Is he related to Mark Elf?
Graeme said…
Bob, there's a discussion of the Chomsky/Faurisson affair in the second part of the article I linked to here.
bob said…
Graeme- thanks. Have started reading it and it looks great.

Jsphere - spot on!
TNC said…
Check out this snow gnome (?)

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