I miss your sad Morecambe whisper, I miss the voice that caught my heart

Quote of the week, from Rosie Bell:
My guess is that the Hamas groupie, dictator dick-sucker and eager hireling of the propaganda arm of a repressive regime has been rattled by Harry’s Place and hurt in his most sensitive place, i.e. his vanity. The impression Mr Galloway gives is of a man with a rich fantasy life – the revolutionary hero, the modern Saladin adored by 1.2 billion Muslims, the brave speaker of truth to power. However recently in his guise as the fearless agitator who faces down the tyrannical police state he was made to look like a complete arse.
The runner up, from La Brigada, with added hyperlink:
I don't listen to 6 Music or the Asian Network, probably to my cultural loss. But I object to them being cut to placate scumbag plutes like the Murdoch clan. And if people don't object to this loss then they will in all probability find Radio 3 is next up for the chop. There is a good argument in morality as well as in economics for the BBC cutting some fat from overpaid and underworked 'presenters', 'comedians', 'interviewers' and bureaucrats. And not being browbeaten by the dregs who run the Sun and The News of the World and their Old Etonian lickspittles.
The EDL and police brutality in Bolton
Dan's first hand account. Good analysis from Dave Osler and from Waterloo SunsetMore links from Mod.

And not forgetting the BNP
Eddie Ford in the Weekly Worker against judge-made bans on the BNP (via Danny O'Dare).

Memories of Militant
As an addendum to my post on the police infiltration of Militant last week, here's Michael Ezra on what a lovely organisation it was.

Memories of the NUS
The Engage take on the 1980s banning of JSocs - read the comment thread.

Forgotten conflicts
OpenDemocracy has a promising new series on "forgotten conflicts", highlighting the less sexy wars, like the one in the Central African Republic. Here, Noah Bernstein explores why these conflicts are forgotten, while others (Izzy-Pal) are so prominent in the Western media gaze.

The Truth Cult
A very good guest post at Third Estate on the conspiracy theory movie Zeitgeist, including an excursus on the creepy Lyndon LaRouche.

A disgrace to Catford?
Reuben on Lucy Mangan's middle class depreciation of the English working class.

Comment trail
At Mick's on Charlie Gillett, z''l. The song below is for Charlie. At Mick's on multculturalism versus diversity.

Ian Dury: Sweet Gene Vincent
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