Harry the Nazi update 3

Via Arieh, this is from a British trade union, UNISON:
UNISON General Secretary Dave Prentis has sent Prince Harry a copy of a film that recounts the personal story of a holocaust survivor.
AREK, produced by UNISON, is the story of holocaust survivor Arek Hersch. It was premiered in the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall in front of 1200 people last summer and is being sent to every secondary school in the UK. It is part of the union’s campaign to fight back against the rise of the extreme right and racism and fascism in the UK.
Dave Prentis said: “Prince Harry clearly has a gap in his education. I am sending him a copy of this film about a holocaust survivor to fill that gap. He should learn from it the true meaning of wearing a swastika and the catastrophic human suffering which resulted.”

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