Whose side are you on?

Labour Friends of Iraq call upon the Stop the War Coalition to unequivocally condemn the murder of Hadi Saleh.

The Campaign for Peace and Democracy has issued a statement condeming the murder Hadi Saleh's murder.

Workers' Liberty say:
The run-up to Iraq's elections on 30 January has seen an escalation of bombings and shootings by Sunni ultra-Islamist militias, groups whose leaders condemn polling stations as "centres of atheism" and the whole idea of elections as "pagan".
Although these militias draw support from Iraqis embittered by the brutality and cynicism of the US/UK invasion and occupation, many of their attacks are against Iraqi political groups taking part in the elections, such as the Shia-Islamist SCIRI; against Shia as Shia; or against trade unionists and socialists. The militias' campaign is reactionary.
They ask the crucial question: whose side are the Stop the War Coalition on? (See also this article in Worker's Liberty on the 'resistance'.)

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