No disrepect: the Kilroy of the left

The Weekly Worker have archived all of their critiques of the so-called Respect party, George Galloway's merry band of fundamentalists and opportunists.

A reader of Solidarity reviews Galloway's book here:
George Galloway writes much drivel about being a “British Patriot” and capitulates to nationalism while casting Middle East culture in romantic imagery. He says, for instance, “I came to love Iraq the way a man loves a woman.” This it will be remembered is a man who is personally anti-abortion in a party (Respect) that takes no concrete stand in favour of abortion or homosexuality. Then there is the remarkable piece of xenophobia where he blames Kosovo for importing drugs, prostitution, people trafficking, crime and fundamentalist terrorism to England.
Meanwhile, The Scottish Socialist Party has also attacked Galloway's dishonesty, ignorance and misinformation.

Finally, via Harry's Place comes this register of MPs' interests: information on Galloway's hefty salary from the right-wing rag The Mail on Sunday.


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