Thuggish Islamists and the tsunami in Indonesia

Indonesia: According to The Socialist,
Relief work [in Aceh] is being sabotaged by the military's continued hunt for [Acehnese seperatist] Gam rebels and suspected "infiltrators" in the refugee camps...
Gam deplores the provocative entry of new thuggish elements into Aceh. These are the so-called Islamic Defenders Front (FPI), who were formed by the generals as a vanguard of thugs and petty criminals against the Indonesian pro-democracy movement in 1998. Also present are elements of the Indonesia Mujahedin Council (MMI), who want to turn Indonesia into a theocratic dictatorship.
According to Bakhtiar [of Gam], 250 'aid workers' from these organisations were flown into Aceh by military Hercules planes. According to Gam these organisations have no roots in Aceh and are hostile to the tolerant attitudes of Acehnese Muslims.
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