Again with the Pope

Hamas extends condolences over death of Pope John Paul II:
The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, Sunday extended condolences to Christians worldwide over the death of Pope John Paul II, hoping that the Catholic Church would continue to support the Palestinian people and their national cause.

The Movement’s media bureau, in a statement on the occasion, extended heartfelt condolences to Palestinian and Arab Christians and the Catholics in general over the passing away of the Pope.

It noted that the Pope was at the helm of the Catholic Church for over two thirds of his life during which he adopted numerous distinctive positions and defended peoples’ rights.

The statement hoped that the Catholic Church would continue to urge its followers to defend the Palestinian people’s right to their homeland and holy shrines in face of “the incessant Zionist aggressions that targeted the Palestinian people, Muslims and Christians alike, and their Islamic and Christian holy shrines.”
Nicholas Kristof, on the other hand, attacks him in the NYT (via Mystical Politics)

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