Boycott update 2

David Hirsh writes:
The conduct of the debate was described as follows:

The motions were proposed as a block , with a series of speeches proposing them in very hostile language. The chair then moved straight to a vote
without any opposing debate - the claim was on the grounds of time. The votes were passed with small majorities.
The person who gave this account had intended to speak against, was surprised and upset by the conduct and said it seemed very undemocratic.

The first thing we need to do is to demand that the argument against the boycott is circulated alongside the argument for the boycott. Does anybody know how to do this? Perhaps we should all Email Sally Hunt at AUT and ask her to do this.

A number of people have already said that they are preparing to tear up their AUT cards in anger. The pro-boycotters intend this decision to be the first step on the road to a total boycott of Israeli academia. Don't tear up your AUT card. Encourage your colleagues to join AUT. And we'll have a fight to reverse this decision. And we'll win it. Most academics and most AUT members will oppose this ill-judged decision.

Avrom Sherr says: WE should set up as many connections with the boycotted universities as possible, remain members of the AUT and tell them to sack us from the Union.

New blog link: lgf: British Academic Antisemitism
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