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Jogo says:
This is a really nice guy, Babak Farrokhi. Why don't the commies support him? Why haven't we read about Babak in Adbusters? Why don't Slavoj Zizek and John Pilger give a shit about him?

I'll tell you why: because Babak Farrokhi is almost certainly not a believer in the Anti-American, Adbuster-Pilger, Communist Dream. He probably likes to go dancing in trance-music clubs, and I am sure his wife does not hide her face in public. Except for the fact that he's a total computer geek, he seems a totally cool person who -- civilly speaking -- wants exactly the same thing we all want: a secular/democratic/non-paranoid/fluid/tolerant/mobile society.

And of course he clearly loves being an Iranian and living in the crowded, swirling, beautiful, ancient city of Teheren -- which is probably a pretty hip town if you find the right people.

I reckon Babak believes in a certain amount of George Bush's dream. And that is why you will never read about him in Adbusters, and why your local Mid-East (ahem) "Studies" prof has no interest in studying him.


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