Communist Legacy 3

An unpdate to previous posts on David Horowitz and AV Lannon (Communist Legacy and Communist Legacy 2):

Please don't shoot us says to Horowitz:
“I don’t want to argue with you, but I’m pretty sure there is no witch-hunting, either stated or implied, in Lannon’s tone. Realistically, whether you attributed it or not, the article was, apparently, copyrighted by his organization, and it does seem that he has every right to object to the fact that you reposted it in your publication. He never accuses you of being a non-believer, only saying that he disagrees with much that you endorse (not to mention the obvious non-objectivity of you publication), and doesn’t want his article used in the context of your magazine. Your response had, in my own opinion, a much stronger tone of witch-hunting, and was somewhat inappropriate in its aim, which was his character, as opposed to his argument (which is a tactic you claim to abhor, do you not?).

Subsequently, it seems you broke copyright laws, then blamed him for being upset, and told him to grow up. He was right, you were wrong, and I think he deserves the apology he asked for.

Update: For more on Horowitz's (Stalinist?) tactics, see Michael Berube's blog.

Update 2
: Scott McLemee says:
It is extremely long -- hence a weariness to the retina -- but Michael Berube's item about professional liar David "Vyshinksy" Horowitz is of great interest.
It occurs to me that tossing off a reference to Vyshinsky like that is not such a good idea. You never know if some non-Trot young 'uns might come by, and have no idea....So here's Horowitz's personal role model doing what came naturally. Slandering, making shit up, condemning folks to death.
Not that D. Ho (as someone at Berube's site dubbed him) actually gets to condemn anybody to death.
Still, he can dream. And they are such exciting dreams!
That said...Kids, don't throw pies at the man. Behave yourselves. Give the pie to a hungry person, or something, and throw words at him instead.
Call him out on his fabrications. Ask him if his middle name is Vyshinsky. That sort of thing. It'll piss him off more than the pie ever would.
You might even be the person to make his head explode. And if that happens, everybody wins.


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