Obituary: Antonio Téllez Solá

From the Kate Sharpley library:
The collective members of the Kate Sharpley Library are sad to report the death of Antonio Téllez Solá 1921-2005, anarchist militant and historian. Téllez fought in both the Spanish Civil War and the French maquis during the Second World War. He was involved in clandestine organisation in Spain after 1945. He was also a comrade of many of the legendary anarchist fighters against Franco, people like Francisco Sabaté Llopart and José Luis Facerias.

Having turned to journalism to earn his living in exile, he began a career as a prolific author in the "Fight for History", rescuing the story of the anti-Franco resistance from oblivion of amnesia. As well as biographies of Sabaté and Facerias, he produced books on Francisco Ponzán Vidal (the "Anarchist Pimpernel"), The MIL and Puig Antich and numerous articles for the libertarian press.

Téllez himself said, in an introduction to "The Anarchist Resistance to Franco: Biographical Notes", "Any small selection of names among hundreds of thousands of victims is arbitrary.... [But] with the presentation of some names, with their physical image, we would like to remember all those who fell in the struggle against tyranny, in defence of Freedom."

Previous fighters for freedom: Pinochet's Disappeared, Makhno's peasant army, Louise Michel and of the gerat Elisee Reclus, Hunter S Thompson, Alina Pienkowska and Jacek Kuron


Anonymous said…
Dear Bob,
a longer obituary is now up:
Antonio Téllez Solà:
the man who taught us that there were some who never gave up.