This week's top search engine referrals (as usual, hyperlinks are to the pages the search throws up, to keep that SEO juice flowing):
  • Punishment for sex tourism - this relates to Ken Livingstone's mate
  • Cornish extremism
  • Pajero will not engage - I like the thought of people with car trouble coming to me for advice and finding their car's name is a swearword in Latin America...
  • Realism in the Bush government
  • Is David Cameron Jewish? - I've been getting this periodically for a long while now, but there's been a minor resurgance, presumably because he announced that he is a "Zionist" in solidarity with Israel against the proposed academic boycott.
  • "I am a Zionist," Conservative Party leader David Cameron told an audience of party supporters of Israel in London on Tuesday. "If what you mean by Zionist, is someone who believes that the Jews have a right to a homeland in Israel and a right to their country then, yes, I am a Zionist and I'm proud of the fact that Conservative politicians down the ages have played a huge role in helping to bring this about," Cameron declared.