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Palms Out Sounds' regular feature "Sample Wednesday" showcases music that recent artists have plundered. Here's vaguely Sarf London starlet Lily Allen's source material. Boy, dat girl got taste. (But here's Floodwatch Music, exorcising hatred of Ms Allen.)

I've only recently discovered sQuare Productions, quality electronic music blog. But thanks to them, I have discovered Pantha du Prince, German techno geniuses who are apparently also Marxists.

I want to buy almost all the records Teruah gives notice of here: Yiddish hip hop, Ladino blues, folk for far out cats, Hebrew indie, "Turkish hash bars meet Hasidic Brooklyn juke joints with ‘70's era psych rock well in tow", Jewish bluegrass - what more could you want?

That "far out folk" refers to Fred Katz, who you can read about at the brilliant Locust St. The "Hebrew indie" refers to Blue Fringe, who you can listen to at Obscure Sound. That "Yiddish hip hop" refers to Socalled, who has a new album out, Ghettoblaster, and you can listen to some of it at Bricolage Fantasy, pop drivel, 5 acts, and the consistently good comfort music.

Also from Comfort Music, I have posted before about the great song "Guns of Brixton", but didn't know there was a band of that name. Well, now I do.

Staying with the Clash and dub, DJ Durruti posts some top class Clash as part of an excellent series on dub reggae.

Here the Toaster Talks sings the praises of the deeply uncool Derek and the Dominos. I used to have the gatefold LP of this, and treasured it (horrible admission: I bought it off a junkie schoolmate who stole it off his mum to feed his habit), but I have no idea what happened to it.

Finally, here's a bunch of Balkan and gypsy music, older and newer, on Nialler9.

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Anonymous said…
I listened to Sarah Aroeste's Ladino songs and I am sad to admit that I'm not impressed. She has a good voice but her Ladino accent is atrocious, she doesn't seem to enunciate properly or to even understand what she is singing. There is no genuine feeling in her singing. Too bad. I'm always looking for new versions of old Ladino songs.

BTW, have you heard Rebecca del Reyes singing "Los Bilbilicos"? Quite a treat.

Ever heard of the British group Oy-Va-Voy? They have a wonderful cd of songs which mix all cultures. Jewish (Yiddish and Ladino sounds)dominates the sound which makes it very interesting. Their violinist soloist Sophie Solomon also has an extraordinarily beautiful cd "Poison Sweet Madeira".
bob said…
Thanks Noga. I have not actually heard Aroeste's singing - and am put off by your comments. (Although I don't have any Ladino, so wouldn't recognise good accent!) I love Oi-Va-Voi. How accurate is KT Tunstall's Ladino when she sings with them?

Other Ladino music I like: Yasmin Levy and Los Desterrados http://www.losdesterrados.com/
Mister Toaster said…
Ouch, deeply uncool. Just a quick clarification: I'm singing the praises of "Bellbottom Blues." As you'll read, I find "Layla" and a lot of other Clapton schlock highly overrated. Still, thanks for the mention.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…

KT Tunstall's Ladino accent is not much more accurate than Aroeste's but I find it cute and attractive, nevertheless. It's gentle and sensitive.

I collect different versions of Ladino songs. One of the the most amazing and peculiar is by "The Rennaissance players", "The Sephardic Experience". They use musical instruments of the period, to great effect.

I've just listened to "Los Desterrados" and am quite smitten. Thank you. (Ordered the cd).

You can hear a clip from Rebekah Del Rio(!)'s "Los bilbilicos" here. If you dig David Lynch's nightmarish films, you may remember her as the midnight singer who sings "llorando", a Spanish version of "Crying", in "Mullholland drive". An unforgettable experience.

bob said…
Rebekah Del Rio - will check her out. That Mulholland Drive moment is one my favourite movie moments ever.

Bellbottom Blues - so deeply uncool that it's cool!

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