Six Day War

Keywords: Israel, Palestine, 1967


Jim Denham said…
The BBC's former Middle East correspoendent Jermy Bowen has a series on Radio 4 on the Six Day War, starting this coming Monday (4 June) at about 11am. Unfortunately, those of us in employment will find it difficult to tune in (though there is now that "listen again" facility that I've never even attempted). Alternatively, Bowen's 2003 book "Six Days - How the 1967 war shaped the middle East" is still available(pub: Pocket Books, £7.99) and is an excellent, readable, accurate and has that quality that is presently so unfashionable: it's "even-handed"...
Unknown said…
Well, a book on the Six Day War that opens by describing the "road into Jenin in 2002" may have a certain agenda. Personally I would not classify it as 'even handed' - I much prefer Michael Oren's book as the more balanced, and readable account.

Jim Denham said…
Six: Bowen, close to the conclusion of his book, writes thus:
"An hour spent looking down on Jerusalem on a spring day from the Mount of Olives would be better spent than a year locked in the sterile exercise of debating who most deserves to live in the Holy Land. Isreal has a considerable claim. So do the Palestinians. Jerusalem has been a holy city for jews for 3000 years, to Christains for 2000 years, and for Muslims for arouns 1300 years. The answer, of course, is that israelis and palestinians deserve it equally, and if they cannot accept that and learn to share it they will never live in peace.
"I reject the grim viwe that the conflict is irredeemable, that the land cannot be split between two viable staes that respect each other".

So how is he *not* "even-handed"?

I think it's because he's going to call out any statement that could even be concieved as being pro-Palestinian, as being "biased".