Israel, Palestine and the republic of letters

Re boycotts and Martha Nussbaum, read this. (Thanks Arieh)

Re Jacqueline Rose and the Six-Day War, read this. (Added: here's Norm, presenting the case for the prosecution.)


Hey Bob, Sorry you will have to give me the summary of what J Rose says, because since few years she is being boycotted by me.
Incognito said…
Unions have no right to meddle in politics. A major gripe I have about the ones I belong to..
bob said…
I don't blame you Daniel! (Although she still has lots of fascinating things to say.)

Incognito, I disagree. Unions are essentially political - the issue of our lives as workers is a political issue. To relegate unions to the purely work-related, to economics, is to reduce the meaningfulness of our lives as workers.

To be sure, many interventions (meddlings) unions make in politics - especially party politics - have been disasterous, and unions are particularly prone to empty political gestures that undermine their legitimacy. But we must not let this stop us from allowing our unions to play a role in the body politic.