Israeli Arabs face hostility from British academics

Read this article about an Israeli Druze PhD student studying at the University of London. As Ignobus writes,
At this, I'm moving a little more toward blaming the pro-boycott delegates at the UCU congress of voting out of antisemitic motivations. Surely, there is still a mix of motivations, and even if PACBI is all about hating the Jooos, that's not the case with all of the UCU delegates who voted in such a way. But Hanifes's depiction of the "debate" is remarkable.

Some extra boycott links: Geoffrey Alderman at CiF (the sub-editor uses "totalitarian" in a rather slapdash way, I think, although the article doesn't), Eric Lee's message to the unions.

Added Monday 11th: Committee for Two States; Gisha on Israeli academics' support for Palestinian students

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Mike said…
good to see such a significant backlash against the (proposed) boycotts in the NUJ and UCU. esp in the 'liberal' press who have condemned both unions (a product of their own making though?)

Check my blog for report on how we're challenging the boycott here in Bristol.

PS thanks for your comment - fancy a blogroll exchange?