Blake day

William Blake is one of my heroes. A great post by V about him here: "Prophet of Freedom".

P.s. More from Jams and Neil.


Roland Dodds said…
Blake is truly great. I am finding it interesting that the bloggers I enjoy the most seem to have similar tastes in other respects as well…
jams o donnell said…
Ach I had forgotten all about it. Thanks for reminding be Bob.
Seán said…
Thanks for the link and kind words, Bob.

That's Bill Hicks and William Blake we share an affinity for. However, I am pathologically jealous of you! The fact you got to see Hicks live in the flesh eats away at me daily! This is something I sadly didn't get the chance to do.

At least you can't say you've seen Blake in the flesh...Or are you a visionary too!

One further connection, I did live in Sarf London for a little over a year too. Not far from Peckham Rye where Blake claimed to have seen angels in the trees.

Cheers. :)
Anonymous said…
Thought you might be interested:

"...Blake was neither simple nor naïve. For him, the everyday world was only the thinnest band of a vast spectrum which extended from the smallest grain of sand to all eternity. To become Adam in the Garden — or, for that matter, Moses or Socrates — he needed only to open wide the eyes of his imagination."