Dablog by DaSLOB: One Track Mind: Randy Newman "Rednecks" (1974)

Read this thoughtful post about one of the greatest songwriters of our time. For me, the post resonates with the recent kerfuffle over Ann Coulter's supposedly (but actually not at all) anti-semitic talkshow comments, which so upset the liberal intellegentsia.

Follow the link to his post on Aaron Neville's version of Randy Newman's greatest song, "Lousiana 1927". (Both versions put in an appearance on my Katrina anniversary post, which has mp3 links if you don't know the song, but I haven't checked if they're still working.)

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Bob's beats artist keywords: Aaron Neville, Randy Newman


Roland Dodds said…
His Good Old Boys record is wonderful, but I actually prefer a solo live rendition he did of all the songs that has been circulated amongst the internet crowd within the last 7 years. To hear all those great songs raw and simple is as good as Newman gets.
bob said…
I'm intrigued Roland! I tried googling, but my google skills aren't up to it. Any pointers?
Roland Dodds said…
I ended up downloading them a few years back off soulseek, but they didn’t include a folder with which I could identify whether they were released or just bootlegs. They are studio quality recordings, but each track has Randy talking at the beginning for about a minute about some play he planned to use them in.

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