Theo Bikel

Read this lovely appreciation of Theodore Bikel at Meretz USA.

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I remember Theodore Bikel best as the megalomaniac captain of the Russian submarine in "The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming". Allan Arkin plays his harried second-in-command and they both make what would have been a silly comedy a memorable story.

"Lieutenant Rozanov: Tovarich Capitan...

The Russian Captain: Comrade Lieutenant Rozanov, immediately deliver all the shore party aboard.

Lieutenant Rozanov: They're not here!

The Russian Captain: Rozanov, the Americans are lying to you. Don't belive them. They are holding my sailors prisoners.

Lieutenant Rozanov: Tovarish Capitan...

The Russian Captain: Comrade Lieutenant Rozanov, I'm giving an order to deliver all my men aboard. Otherwise, I will straighten out this island in such a manner that nobody will be able to find it! I will explode it, do you here me? I will obliterate it from the face of the Earth! I'm giving you three minutes!"

Bob, you should see this movie, if you haven't.
Anonymous said…
I haven't seen it, but I'm obviously going to have to!

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