Natascha Atlas

If you followed the Natascha Atlas issue (here, then here), Richard S at Rough in Here has commented thoughtfully on it in a comments thread at this post, thanks to prompting from Comrade Transpontine. Next week, when I have more time, I will write about this again and post some Natascha Atlas mp3s, including, for Noga, "Yalla Chant".

P.S. History is Made at Night and Rough in Here added to "Bob's Beats" section of the blogroll, down on the right there.


Anonymous said…
Hi. Thanks for the mention. In answer to those who would make the blanket statement that Natacha Atlas comes across as "an ass" in interviews, I'm going to post a clip of an interview where I think she looks pretty smart. And charming. Though as you know, I wouldn't argue with the point that she said a pretty dumb thing, at least once.

I'll also add your blog to a blogroll of mine, but not at Rough In Here.... I don't know if you know this (have we "met" before?), but I have another blog, Commie Curmudgeon, which focuses on my libertarian socialist politics:

From what I can see, your politics are pretty close to mine. I've been trying to keep the music blog separate, with links there to blogs that focus mainly on music. That's how I've been doing it, but that could change...
bob said…
I'll look forward to the Atlas clips.

I've got the opposite strategy to you: trying to cut up the politics with more music. For the moment at any rate (like you: that could change).

I've added Commie Curmudgeon to the roll too, along with another recent linker to me, Olly's Onions.

I like to keep people guessing about my political orientation, so you have to read the blog to decide where I am, rather than being able to tell on arrival. So I'm happy to be perceived as a libertarian socialist.

In recent comments threads here and elsewhere I've been described as a neocon, an anarchist, a Zionist, and a Labour loyalist, so take your pick.

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