Today's blog is brought to you by the letter B

Moly's Blog gives us the low-down on the best blogs beginning with the letter 'B'. I'm pleased to be included in the list, which I reproduce here:
*The Balkan Anarchist blog has an extensive discussion about the Serbo-Croat language and its dialects. Great for anybody with an interest in languages and the Slavic ones in particular. Entitled 'Divanimo naski' (Don't ask me to translate-but the article is in English). Much of this was way over Molly's head as the only Slavic language that she has a "travelling acquaintance" with is Czech, with a smattering of Russian and Ukrainian. Still, a very informed presentation.
*Balkan Baby has an article entitled (take a deep breath) 'I Wanted Freedom. Bound and Restricted, I Tried to Give You Up, But I'm Addicted'. Whatever it may sound like it's all about the situation in Kosovo and well worth reading.
*Janet Biehl's blog continues the presentation of her graphic novel about the life of Murray Bookchin with an aside into the politics of the 1930s ala Stalin's machinations.
*Bill Bumpus continues to present the latest news about the IWW, along with an ever fresh selection of general labour news. Great site to help you keep up with things wobbly.
*The Blork Blog has an interesting piece about the new Airbus A380 airplane and its overstated claims to "green credentials". A great piece of myth-busting.
*The Blue Voice has an useful links reference to Joschka Fisher's (the ex-leader of the German Greens) more recent writings.
*Bob From Brockley reprints a piece from Venezuelan anarchists critical of the Chavez regime. The title is 'Hallucinating the Bolivarian Revolution'.
*Butt Darling has a report from the recent No-Borders camp on the US-Mexico border entitled 'Lost Patrol'. Find out what went down down there.
That's it for now. See you at the C.
Bob adds: I liked this attack on the word "analysis" at Molly'sBlog. This post at Balkan Baby made losing to Croatia at the football even harder. I loved Janet Biehl's graphic novel series, perfect for the blog format, can't believe I never saw it before. I've also never seen Butt Darling before, but there is some interesting stuff there about Islamo-fascism in Chechnya, and the failure of the statist left to respond.


Meanwhile, Jim Jay asks you to vote for the people's choice of best green blogs of 2007. From my manor, Green Ladywell is a contender.


That's right everyone. You've heard it right here from Bob himself. Visit my page upon Bob's recommendation (I'm on the top of the list)! ;-)

Oh, and "divanimo naški" simply means "we speak" or in this case "Let's speak 'our' [language]".

Živio! Cheers!

Oh, it was Molly's recommendation! Ah...
bob said…
But I endorse Molly's recommendation in this case!

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