Fascism, Islamo-fascism and anti-fascism

1. Via Drink-Soaked Will:
Victor Davis Hanson and Christopher Hitchens take on the WWII revisionists, centering on Patrick J. Buchanan who is a complete fucknut. Video here.

Chapter two now available here.

Chapter three now available here.

Tipping top hat to Doddyman

2. Champagne Charlie, one of the Shiraz Socialists, has forced the Gruan to accept that "Islamo-fascist" is not a hate term. Read the correspondence. (Incidentally, the Gary Younge article which sparked the debate, about the respectiable fascism of the BNP, was actually on the whole pretty good, marred by that one piece of liberal groupthink.)

3. Roland reports that anarchists have defaced a memorial in Stalinoid Frisco to the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, the American Stalinist stooges who fought against Franco's totalitarianism but for another. Like Roland, I am against this sort of vandalism: the dead in general should be respected, and these men were noble, if deluded. But, like Roland, I agree with the sentiments of the graffiti: "Viva Durruti Y Orwell".

4. Ourfriendinthenorth: We are all neocons now - read it.

Image credits: ALBA, HistoriaSiglo20