Something else for the weekend

OK, here's what I've liked today:
  • Poor Chav: Little Richardjohn on middle class ressentiment
  • South Africa's false halo: Ben Cohen at ZWord on South Africa's dubious moral authority (h/t: Snoop)
  • UK government's good Islam franchise: Francis Sedgemore on Hazel Blears' patronage of "moderate Muslim" theologians
  • Barack Obama is an imperialist thinker: FresnoZionist passes on Barry Rubin's criticism of Obama on 9/11, with the money quote on imperialist thinking highlighted.
  • Bettye Swann: Paulie knows good music
  • Gilad Atzmon's defenders: The anti-Zionist "Azvsas" (Tony Greenstein?) weighs in against the latest acolyte of the odious Atzmon and his henchman Paul Eisen, one Roy Ratcliffe, which has been published by Mary Rizzo's racist and much-misnamed website Palestine Think Tank. Unfortunately, Azvsas' response is formatted to make it utterly unreadable, so you have to copy and paste to Word or something, and it is flawed in its philosophy, but the Ratcliffe piece is truly evil, despite (maybe because of) its appearance of erudition.
  • Che is dead - get over it! Molly publishes a long interview with MLC, the Cuban libertarian movement, assessing the possibility of freedom in post-Fidel Cuba.
  • Mullahs v workers: Amir Taheri on the Iranian theocrats' anti-trade union authoritarianism
  • One brave little girl: NeoConstant on Nujood Ali, a ten-year-old hero for women's rights. (Neo: thanks for adding me to the blogroll, will reciprocate!)
  • Primal Scream/Maya Deren: History is Made at Night on Bobby Gillespie's dodgy politics, and on Maya Deren, "Jewish refugee from the Ukraine, sometime trotskyist, dancer, anthropologist, avant garde film maker and vodou practitioner", who I'd never heard of before.
  • Life expectancy: Ross reports that men in my manor live longer than men in Glasgow East, and therefore only slightly longer than men in the Gaza Strip. (Following up the discussion here.)


E.D. Kain said…
No problem, and thanks!


Anonymous said…
Ta for the ping, but you've mixed me up with you-know-who.

The Anti-Me
bob said…
Oops! And I scoffed at someone else the other week for making the same mistake. Have changed the words.

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