Keeping the link love flowing

A few links I'd like to acknowledge.

First, the excellent Daily (Maybe) included me in his prestigious (in my eyes) "Posts from other places" section, for my post on anti-Gyspy racism, a post which of course required absolutely no writing skill on my part, just cutting and pasting skills. Go and vote for something other than "Israeli goods" in Jim's what to boycott poll. And go and read this very intelligent guest post on aliens, archaoelogy and history (by Moll, the author of this incredibly impressive blog, which I would particularly recommend to my sister, except I know she never reads what I write ever). Currently featuring in "Posts from other places":the ever-reliable Charlie Brooker on 9/11 conspiracies. I also reached, via this rubbish post, this excellent Andrew Anthony TV review (on Bonekickers, Islamophobia and Tribal Wives).

Similarly, the Tory Troll, who I recently added to my blogroll, included my acid brass post in his "Top blogging" section. I liked this image from the Troll, on Boris Johnson's £40,000 "bluewashing" of London.) Other links worth following: the Boris gaffopedia, BorisWatch on RiseGate, Devil's Kitchen on Boris' faux-libertarianism. By the way, I added Dave Hill to the blogroll at the same time as I added Tory Troll. And see also Last Bus Home about Rise.

Two from Flesh is Grass: Anti-imperialism tightens further this tangled knot. And this post on the BNP in Redbridge links to my post on Hope Not Hate.

ADDED: And the New Centrist has included the Brass music post in his Monday miscellania, as part of a general increase in the music (especially hardcore) content on his blog (see e.g. on the Minutemen and the Crumbsuckers).

Other reading (which doesn't link to me):
  • Martin on the registrar who refused to officiate at a same-sex partnership.
  • Boris Johnson contrasted to the British Muslim Initiative at Engage.
  • Hopi Sen on Alan Duncan and the royal family of Oman.


kellie said…
Link burnout! The link in the final list for Martin is pointing elsewhere.
bob said…
Oops! Thanks Kellie, sorry Martin, will correct now.