Hate figures

I hate Pat Buchanan. And I hate Norman "the imp of the perverse" Finkelstein.


I don't hate Finkelstein. What I feel for him is a mixture of pity and loathing which I'm not quite sure how to unpack. I can imagine feeling something similar if I were to come upon an injured and writhing viper.
Anonymous said…
I'm with you on both counts.
Incognito said…
Buchanan is a wacko... need to familiarize myself more with finkelstein. A self-loathing Jew, I assume. Sad.
SnoopyTheGoon said…
I would suggest that hate is too strong an emotion for Fink. Too pathetic a creature, methinks.

Buchanan - a fascist getting more and more out of the closet. Which is good - for all to see.

bob said…
And what do people think about the label "self-loathing Jew" for Fink? It's a term I dislike, but I think it might be true for Finkelstein. (Which saves us the trouble of hating him.)
I don't know that these labels work anymore. Finkelstein loathes Jews but admires himself for being a Jew who tells other Jews how ugly they are..

He resonates especially with the crowds that Anthony Julius called "antisemitism's fellow travellers" and I call more simply "antisemites by proxy".