The Clowning of Ahmadinejad

There's plenty in the blogosphere, I imagine, about Ahmadinejad's killing of the UN "Durban II" anti-racist conference in Geneva, but Jogo sent me this dispatch from PJM's Roger Simon, which I'd recommend.

Elie Wiesel a ZioNazi?; Geneva 2009/Evian 1938 (via Philo)
Max Dunbar. Ami Isseroff (via Snoop). Some more links from CC. Michael Totten. P David Hornik. Daniel. Brian Klug.


Entdinglichung said…
it is also always worth to remember, that e.g. Libya (where several hundreds of black migrants were killed in racist pogroms 2000/2001 and which helps the EU drowning hundreds or thousands of african immigrants in the Mediterranean Sea) and Syria (which stripped a large number of kurdish speaking citizens - 300.000 with their descendants today - of their citizenship) were part of the Preparatory Committee of the conference
bob said…

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