Three big compliments, two defences

Three big compliments:

1. Tendence Coatesy, as an alternative to the Carnival of Socialism, offers a Carnival of Contrarians. I'm very pleased to be included, in the fine company of Voltaire's Priest, Red Maria, Charlie Mc, Stroppy, Mick Hall, Pouminista, Social Republic, Soul of Man Under Capitalism, Ian Bone, Dave Osler, Modernity and Rosie Bell. Oh, and Tony Greenstein...

2. Andy Newman says: "Bob seems like a reasonable sort, and I regret having offended him." (Here's where he offended me.)

3. Perhaps best of all, lenin says: "Don’t be a moron. Bob From Brockley should have his ankles severed."

(Added, a fourth one: Jim adds: Seymour ("Lenin") "is a reactionary idiot whose windpipe should be severed, in the interests of coherent discussion on the left. The man is a buffoon and an ignoramus, not fit to wipe the boots of Bob from Brockley.")

Two defences:

1. Following Andy's denunciation of my Tamil post, Modernity provided the truth about arms sales to Sri Lanka.

2. And here are the facts at Anti-German Translation.

Thanks everyone.

Now all I need to feel really loved is Hak Mao, Scribbles, Daniel, Richard and Transpontine, to join Graeme and George in following up this meme.


SnoopyTheGoon said…
Oh Bob! You and Tony the GreenStalin in the same breath?

I would go on a drinking binge in such a situation...
kellie said…
As "slow-burn zionist" is now confirmed by Andy N. as "slightly inaccurate" I'm wondering what would be slightly different enough to be accurate!

I'm drafting my own zionist plan of action as I paint. It's a doozy!
How nice for you, Bob, to be embraced by someone who says things like:

"And the fact that the KIbbutzes were built of land stolen from other people at gunpoint - that’s colonialism."

And you thanking him in return for his graciousness in exonerating you from the taint of being a Zionist!
bob said…
Slightly ashamed. But too tired to fight today. Have I won a battle to lose a war?
He is trying to shame you for having affection for Israel.

How is that different from this:

"And then they all come along, the eighty million good Germans, and each one has his decent Jew. Of course the others are swine, but this one is a first-class Jew."

I'm beyond caring who thinks what anymore. Seems to me there is a domino effect here, a slow motion global "aleihum" converging on Israel.
bob said…
What I should have said to Andy, maybe: "That's mighty white of you sir." What do you think?
ModernityBlog said…
ahh Bob,

what else do you expect from Andy Newman? Even his apology was given in poor grace.

"...and though his blog is generally far too sympathetic to Israel for my liking..."what nonsense and that thread, geez, rather than find some common cause the denizins of SU blog would rather kick you.

What a poor state the British Left is in, reduced to petty name calling, etc

How depressing.
bob said…
Mod - I managed to overlook the further depressing symptom you highlight in your Carnival of Socialism post. Well done for fighting back.
ModernityBlog said…
Agreed Bob, there are many arguments to be had on the British Left, however, the "He's a racist but..." ain't one of them.

I couldn't understand it, and when I took it up with the organisers of the CoS I received no satisfaction. I would have preferred not to have needed to post on that, it was so obvious that they should have corrected it long ago, but if people are going to have a blind spot for Ahmadinejad then that needs to be pointed out.

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