Stangers into Citizens

Transpontine reports on bank holiday Monday (May 4th), Strangers into Citizens are holding a big Justice for Migrants' rally in Trafalgar Square (Asian Dub Foundation will be playing at the rally). SiC is campaigning for a 'one-off regularisation' (or 'amnesty') for long-term migrants.

A South London feeder march, organised by Latin American community organisations, will be leaving from the Fusion Centre [A on this map] in Elephant & Castle from 10am.


Jim Jepps said…
There seems to be quite a few bloggers highlighting this (and I did a little) I must do more to get people to this - personally I think it's really important.
bob said…
Yes, I think it is important, because the strangers into citizens message is a good one in itself, because the London Citizens campaign (based on a church-union alliance) is an interesting and hopeful model for reinvigorating grassroots politics, and because one of the ways we need to combat the BNP is to promote an ethics of hospitality against all of the fear-mongering of the anti-foreigner mainstream media/politicians.